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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arnold Does Face-plant

Arnold planted his face in the sand during the Pony Express. Arnold, (Arnaud), a French intermittent performer who sometimes plays Cowboy at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, attempted to make his second mount during the event but couldn't get on. It seems little wonder to me - although a very nice guy by all accounts he's only slightly bigger around than a toothpick. I'm a little surprised each time he does make the mount, which is most times despite his delicate build. This time however he fender-dragged around the corner of Green Mountain before finally giving up and letting go, the momentum of his forward motion propelling his face into the sand with considerable force. He got up in good spirit, delivered the letter, and ran to his ranch regardless. Annie Oakley disqualified him and I explained, "That's right Annie.. your face cannot hit the ground." Byron laughed.

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