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Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Cowboys Booted" is Partly Fictional

KK came into my dressing room last night between shows to inform me he had read Cowboys Booted from Dance Rehearsal . We discussed the article and I learned that it contained the following errors:

1. Cowboy "RL" was not at the rehearsal. This was apparently an assumption on my part, following the conversation I had with RL in which he suggested the cowboys could go work on a ranch if they didn't want to rehearse properly. RL rehearsed on a different day. Whether he danced at the rehearsal or not I didn't verify, but probably he did.

2. PT was not late to the rehearsal, he just wasn't there, either because he wasn't scheduled to rehearse that day, or because he called in to say he couldn't make it. I made that assumption because NR had been complaining he'd been working in place of PT regularly during the rehearsal schedule.

3. The implication that the cowboys were relegated to the floor as some sort of statement of social status is unfair. In a dance studio, it's normal to have few chairs to maximize the use of space. If their rehearsal was anything like the one I attended after writing the article, the dancers also sat on the floor, and the directorial/management team probably spent most of their time on their feet conducting the rehearsal. There were tables and other props on which cowboys could have sat if they tired of the floor. Or, of course, they could have chosen to participate, which would also have relieved them of the discomfort of sitting on the floor.

4. According to KK, many of the cowboys present were not scheduled to attend the rehearsal but came anyhow, for reasons not made clear to me. For those not asked to attend, asking them to leave has a different significance than the article implied.
Disclaimer: While I have tried to be adequately accurate in my reporting, this is all hearsay, and generally one-sided information. Initials are used to protect the privacy of those involved.

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