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Monday, June 22, 2009

Trent Vance Interviewed by

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Adam Goodger, originator of The Disney Brit Podcast to be interviewed. The Disney Brit Podcast is a collection of podcasts (iPod Broadcasts) created by Adam and his business partner Juz (author of 'The Family Guide' series of books that currently includes Orlando and Disneyland Paris) around the theme of Disney. Adam found me via my other blog, The Casual Reporter and thought our Wild West Show story interesting enough to showcase in one of his weekly podcasts. I agreed, of course, and eventually he interviewed me between scenes of one of the shows. The interview is broadcast in two halves, Episode 14 and Episode 15, which you can access by clicking on the Episode above, clicking here, or searching for "Disney Brit" in the podcast section of your iTunes application. (Download iTunes here for free.) His podcasts are very well produced. Adam is an excellent interviewer. He asked my thoughts on the characters in the show, on my portrayal of Buffalo Bill, on the evolution of the show, and much more. Since we did the interview in my dressing room you can hear the show in the background through the backstage speakers. Let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

I wrangled on the Deer Creek Trail to Gates Camp Lucky with Nate Vance, Teton Wilderness Outfitting. We live a long way from each other, but still are friends. Love to hear from you.

Terry Koper