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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video: Didier Sings "La Marsaillaise"

Not to be outdone by the 4th of July show, when Rebecca sang The Star Spangled Banner, the Artistic Direction of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill) Disney Village, Disneyland Paris arranged for someone to sing the French National Anthem La Marsaillaise. Didier, who has played Auguste Durand-Rouel in the show since 1992, has sang La Marseillaise on the 14th of July for the past 17 years. This year, though, to remain consistent with the Artistic Vision for the 4th of July show, the Artistic Direction had James, one of the Stage Managers who is also trained as an understudy Auguste, sing instead while Didier played Auguste. James' singing style has the rough and guttural qualities one might find in a modern recording musician while Didier's style is operatic, which is usually the style preferred in a stadium or theatrical environment. The management team apparently considered the physical blocking of the scene, which revolves around the characters, very important and considered James' singing style perfectly sufficient for the occasion.

After expressing his discontent at not being allowed to sing La Marseillaise, the Artistic Direction finally agreed that Didier and James should each do a show, one playing Auguste and one singing. Here is the video of Didier singing La Marseillaise:

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