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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jesse James Nearly Crushed by Horse

Jesse James Townsend, who plays Cowboy and sometimes Stunt in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill), Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort France, was nearly crushed during the Roping Contest of the Rodeo Games when the Bay mare he was riding stumbled and fell. Jesse was launched over her front left shoulder and landed hard, his head thwacking against the packed sand surface of the arena. As he landed, Jesse struggled to scramble to safety but the horse's momentum carried her over the saddle and onto her right side, pinning Jesse's legs and leaving him directly exposed to her hooves with no way to escape. She kicked frantically for several seconds trying to right herself, each kick seeming as if it must be connecting with Jesse. Finally she found her footing and struggled to her feet. I expected Jesse to have something broken or twisted and need immediate medical attention, but he rose slowly to his feet, visibly shaken but apparently sound. He dusted the biggest chunks of muck off his clothes and walked over to the mare without assistance. The cowboys and the actress playing Annie Oakley had lead the mare away from Jesse and re-adjusted the saddle, which had come askew in the process. As all true cowboys do when they come off a horse, he didn't walk off stage but simply got back on and did his job. The second time around Jesse's horse didn't stumble and he caught Cremelo handily. Afterwards backstage Jesse said that he was kicked and pinned just as it appeared but he was lucky enough not to sustain serious injury. From what I saw I'd say very lucky. Nice work, Jesse!

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marion said...

A seasoned cowboy and farrier here in WY died just recently the same way. He was moving a bull, his horse got into some wire, spun in a panic, he flew off, and then the horse took another spin, and landed right on top of him, killing him instantly. Bang, just like that. He was 57. A Parkman rancher named Allen Anderson. To say nothing about the hail storm that killed 2 people on the Tongue River Res. It's a good time to stay in bed...Your man was lucky. I guess we never know...