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Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Wade and Robin Disney Video: History Repeats Itself?

There seems no point fighting the fact Mickey and friends are going to be an integral part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shoe for at least one year. Few among the cast are happy about the idea although I think most of us are glad we'll have a job for awhile longer. I was sure the mixing of the Wild West Show and Disney Characters was unprecedented, and it is, but some of our ex-cast did involve themselves with Disney characters in a Western-themed Video Ho-Down for kids years ago. Robin and Wade, founding members of the Hollywood Bad Boys male strippers group and a couple really good guys who played in our show for years, years ago, star as bad guys in this video.


mary mary said...

good video was it in Paris?
I worked at the Lucky Nugget as Opening Crew and although Goofy was often around I must admit to never have seen Minnie there!!

Desiree said...

Please understand that the song is NOT Dutch; it's Flemish!! :-))