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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boulder Home to La Plants

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort, has been the starting point for many cross-cultural romances that blossomed into marriage, many of them very successful. Among the most enduring is the union of Sundore La Plant, a former Native American Indian in the show (I think from the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana? Forgive me and correct me if I'm wrong) and his wife Christie, from Holland. I think Christie started out as a server in the show and moved to the ticketing team, but I could be wrong. My memory has never been.. you know.. I forget the word. Good. That's it.

Sundore and Christie lived in Holland for a few years after leaving the show, then migrated to Boulder, Colorado where they plan to stay La Planted for as long as possible. Sundore works for the City of Boulder and Christie works for James Travel. Joss and Chris Cooper, another couple who met at the show, married, and are living the content, hard-working Ranch Life as managers of the University of Florida's Equine Operations (or something like that) recently went skiing in Colorado and hooked up with Sundore and Christie. Christie writes, "We spent almost 6 hours at the Cheese Cake Factory talking about the good old times, my cheeks were hurting, we laughed so much, we had a GREAT time!!! Hopefully one day the old cast can all come together again for a long weekend, I think it would be amazing."

The Casual Reporter could be an organizing point for just such an event, but not if nobody knows about The Casual Reporter! Get the word out! Send the link to all your contacts and invite them to SUBSCRIBE, so I can keep this blog going. Thanks Christie for emailing me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sundore en Christie,

hier een berichtje uit Nederland van Tamara Cazemier. UPS en Philips natuurlijk! Ik was benieuwd hoe het met jullie gaat.


Sharon said...

Just a slight correction for the name of the Tribe that Sundore is from it is Blackfeet or Pikuni. Blackfoot are actually our relatives to the north in Canada. That is how you can differentiate between the Canadian and US tribes.

Sharon LaPlant-Dorame
(Sundore's sis) :)