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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Steve Rally Cast in Charlie Valentine

Steve Rally played supporting roles in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disney Village, part of the Disneyland Paris Resort complex, before being cast as Buffalo Bill on and off for several years. For the past couple years he's been playing the role of Sebastian the Black in Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Southern California. Here's a video excerpt posted by Steve:

Here's a video Steve posted of himself as Buffalo Bill:

And finally, the skeleton that haunts Steve's closet, the video he might have been able to distance himself from until YouTube came along, and my favorite video of his, dating back to the 80's when he was a Playgirl model. Not just a Playgirl model, THE Playgirl model: Man of the Year, Man of the Decade and Man of the Millenium. Steve didn't load this one up to YouTube but it's possibly his most enduring work and truly entertaining. WARNING: THIS VIDEO MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR MINORS.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Steve better on his last visit to the Wild West Show. Don't let his shameless self-promotion fool you - he's really a nice, humble guy just trying to make a living in show business. His enthusiasm, passion, and perseverance are to be admired by all. He's a "can-do" kind of guy that just keeps driving his career forward with relentless and dogged determination. Recently Steve announced that he was cast in a Tom Berenger film. Judging from Steve's IMDB pages, I assume the film is Charlie Valentine to be released in 2009. Hats off (Cowboy and Pirate) to Steve for keeping it going.

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Tanya said...

Hey Steve,
I am so proud of you. Please email me at By the way this is Tanya from California Centerfolds! I have been keeping tabs here and there. Would love to update you on my happenings. Love you and miss you. I am so glad you stuck with it.

Tanya Carr