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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scott Bramble Producing for Television

The Casual Reporter didn't have to search too hard to find out what Scott Bramble is up to. Scott was a stunt man in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Disney Village, part of the Disneyland Paris Resort, for several years in the late 90's. Here's a photo from 2004 of Scott back in the states alongside Hodge Amans, a professional Rodeo Clown who was also part of our show for awhile, when Scott appeared in "No Opportunity Wasted," a TV Program pushing people to live their dreams - in this case, Scott's dream of riding a bull.He, some other folks from the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show cast, and I made a little Western Comedy video-short-film called "Fool's Gold" when he was here, divided into 2 parts so I could upload it to The Casual Reporter Channel on YouTube. It's been viewed many times and has even received a 5-star rating. View it here or watch it on YouTube.

When Scott went back to L.A. he became a professional video editor and since then has amassed a handful of production credits. I assume he's still doing much of the same.

Speaking of chance encounters, here's another good one: Shawn Howard, one of the few cowboys still in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show since the beginning in 1992, was back in the San Fernando Valley in the L.A. area a year ago, probably trying to put together some project of his. He stepped into Jerry's Famous Deli for lunch and as he did, he literally ran into Scott Bramble, who was walking out. Neither had any idea the other was there. L.A. is big and has a lot of restaurants. The chances of those two having lunch at the same moment in the same restaurant by chance is very small, but literally running into one another at the exit seems almost impossible. It is a Small World.

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