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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Couy Griffin Rides for Jesus

Couy Griffin, a former Cowboy for 6 years in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill), Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort is on a mission. Literally. He intends to ride horseback from San Francisco to Jerusalem, spreading the Gospel of Jesus along the way. Already Couy has completed a journey from San Francisco to New York City, riding his horse through major cities and capitals along the way, hauling his horse between cities, according to his website. In mid-April 2008 he started his journey across Ireland. For those of you who know Couy as a fine horseman and cowboy but might be somewhat surprised to hear he has become a messenger of the Lord, an explanation would be useful. Nobody better to give it than Couy himself. In a recent improvised mobile phone interview on one of Ireland's mostly widely-listened-to morning radio shows, given while Couy was riding along one of Irelands' main East-West thoroughfares, Couy says that one day a few years ago he found Jesus and accepted him as his Savior, thereby completely changing his life. A calling from the Lord set him on his current journey: to travel across the United States (done) and Europe to Jerusalem, encouraging others along the way to take a step in the direction he has found. God willing, Couy plans to be in Paris to attend a Gospel-related event in late May. Couy mentioned during the interview that he'd worked at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Couy captured the attention of the nation of Ireland and of the radio show's producers, securing a studio interview upon his arrival in Dublin. Listen to the improvised interview , watch videos of his journey on YouTube, or learn more about Couy's Mission here.

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