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Friday, May 23, 2008

Texan in Ireland Sends Compliments

I recently received an email from one of The Casual Reporter's 10 million readers and thought I'd re-post it here (with her permission):

Hey Ya'll,

My family and I caught the show on Tuesday night, my little guy actually won the shooting contest! That made our short break!

I am actually from Texas (DFW area), living in Ireland for 10 years now (itching to go home in a big way), I think it is really cute how Europeans dig the Western thing. I was very curious the first time I heard about the show (worried about the fromage), but after seeing the show I think you guys "do good" and have no problem recommending to others (exception "veggie-chili", being from Texas I have to boost to having the best chili this side of the pond!!!!

Are any of you guys doing extra stuff in Ireland this summer? I plan on going home in August to get some warm weather! But I will keep one eye open on your upcoming events!

Sincerely I want to say great show and keep up the good work!

Toksa ake,
Stephanie Glaholm

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