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Monday, May 5, 2008

Graham Can Get You High Cheaper

It's no secret among the cast that Graham Hay, musician in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill), Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort, likes to get high next to the airport in Lognes in his spare time. Recently Graham revealed to The Casual Reporter his plans to get other people high as a business. Graham is a junkie, but not of drugs. He's a remote-controlled helicopter junkie. Sort of. But not really. Flying remote controlled helicopters is part of a bigger plan, outlined here by The Casual Reporter.

Graham's Plan to Get People High.

1. Invest in radio-controlled helicopters capable of carrying professional video cameras and camera aiming device.
2. Invest in a pro-sumer quality video camera and remote monitor.
3. Invest in a radio-controlled camera aiming system.
4. Become proficient at using his helicopter-based air crane camera system.
5. Rent his services out to various video content creators, most notably real estate developers and agents in Kenya.
6. Say "sayonara" to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Crazy? No crazier than riding a horse from San Francisco to Jerusalem. (Maybe Graham could provide Couy some high-angle footage of his mission, combining the ideas of two visionary Wild West Show veterans.) Graham's helicopter is cheaper to operate than a real helicopter, capable of flying at lower altitudes, and usually faster/easier to set up than a big film crane. Graham's videos indicate the potential of his idea.
Disclaimer: To the knowledge of The Casual Reporter, Graham Hay does not use drugs or even drink alcoholic beverages on a frequent basis. The Casual Reporter does not endorse the use of drugs or the use of video-equipped remote controlled aircraft for spying on naked people.

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